10 Things to Do this Weekend in Lanzarote

10 Things to Do this Weekend in Lanzarote

This weekend there are events for everyone: music, children's activities, sports, magic and much more. Don't miss the best 10 Things to do this weekend in Lanzarote.

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1. Ángaro, "the new show of Music and Dance". Jameos del Agua.

Don't miss the last performance of "Angaro" this Sunday, March 25th, in the Auditorium of Jameos del Agua, at 12:30 pm. Angaro, the new show of Music and Dance, is about the traditions of the Canary Island people through music and dance. A fusion between the classic and the avant-garde in an unrepeatable show that is presented for the first time in the auditorium of Jameos del Agua.

Pianos, violins, horns... mix with powerful drums and other instruments such as seashells and shepherds' flutes to experiment with dances and voices from ancient times.

Buy your tickets now to live this unforgettable experience in a unique place like Jameos del Agua this Sunday, March 25th:


2. Comedy "Cómo Antoñito López subió a los cielos" (How Antoñito Lopez ascended to the heavens)

The Mácher Theatre Group presents the comedy "Cómo Antoñito López subió a los cielos" (How Antoñito Lopez ascended to the heavens) at the Municipal Theatre of Tías, this Saturday, 24 March, at 8:00 pm.

3. Ultra Bike Santa Rosa Lanzarote 2018

Ultra Bike Santa Rosa, a spectacular race that runs through La Graciosa and Lanzarote, will take place on 24 and 25 March.

The competition will consist of three stages: the first, a 16 kilometre time trial, will take place in La Graciosa on the first day of the competition; the other two - a 54 kilometre "bike" and an "'ultra" 89 KM - will run on the second day of the competition through several towns in Lanzarote.

We remind you that for the celebration of the race, there will be three roads affected from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm: La Vegueta towards El Peñón; Masdache towards Peñón; and Mozaga towards Peñón.

4. Holi Lanzarote 2018

Next Sunday, March 25th, from 12:30 pm, in the Plaza de las Naciones in Puerto del Carmen... Celebrate Holi Lanzarote 2018. Free entrance.

5. VI Feria del Queso y la Cabra

During this weekend, a popular fair is held in the fishing village of Playa Blanca, in the south of the island, where cheese is the main ingredient.

Visitors can enjoy all the varieties of cheese made on the island, as well as delicious culinary creations where the local cheese becomes the main feature of the dish and always paired with the excellent Malvasia wines DO Lanzarote.

In the VI Cheese and Goat Fair, you are in direct contact with the farmers, with the master cheesemakers, with the chefs, with live music and a great desire to have a good time.

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