12 Things to Do This Weekend in Lanzarote

12 Things to Do This Weekend in Lanzarote

This weekend the Carnival arrives to Teguise, Costa Teguise and Tinajo. There is also music, theater, sports and activities for children. Don't miss any of the 12 things to do this weekend in Lanzarote, because there is something for everyone. Who said that Lanzarote is just sun and beach? We have much more than that and that's why we want to share it.

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1. Theater: "CLARA VICTORIA". La Otra Isla

On March 9, Clara Victoria, a tribute to Clara Campoamor and Victoria Kent, two women rights activists and key figures in our history, willbe presented at El Salinero Theater at 9:00 pm. Tickets cost € 10.

2. III Campeonato Internacional el Quemao Class

Quemao Class is the big-wave, high level surf and bodyboard event on the canary islands.
An event where bodyboarders and surfers surf side by side, in a respectful atmosphere where every ride will be celebrated.

For the best conditions the contest takes part in between January and March when the winter swells of the atlantic ocean hit the canary islands hard! But this week the dates have been confirmed!
The Quemao Class International Championship will take place this Thursday 9 and Friday 10 March.

The surfing category will have as guests (from the Canary Islands): Alex Zirke, Antonio Marqués, Franito Sáenz, Jose María Cabrera, Luis Díaz, Manuel Lezcano, Marco Imbernón, Yael Peña, Yeray García; Also tfrom Spain will be: Aritz Aranburu, Eukeni Masa, Gony Zubizarreta, Hodei Collazo, Indar Unanue, Natxo González.

The international surfers are: Eric de Souza , Ian Cosenza, Ramón Navarro, Benjamin Sanchis, Charly Martin, Dimitri Ouvre, Eric Rebiere, Miky Picon, William Aliotti, Roberto D´amico, Ramzi Boukhiam, Joao de Macedo, Nic Von Rupp, Tiago Pires, Alain Riou, Kevin Bourez, Joshua Braddock, Tom Lowe y Balaram Stack.

You won't want to miss this amazing show on the waves!



3. Carnival in Costa y Villa de Teguise 2017

The Carnival of Costa and Villa de Teguise 2017 is celebrated from 10 to 12 March. The Coso will take place on March 11. You can see the complete program here:


Thursday, March 9
6:30 pm. Parade "Ritmo y Armonía", withcomparsas Cumbacheros, Sur Caliente and Yaiseros. At: Avda. del Mar.
9:00 pm. Drag Queen Contest, at Nautical Shopping Center -Avda. Islas Canarias.

Friday, March 10
8:30 pm. Traditional Carnival, at Casco Histórico de La Villa de Teguise.

Traditional Carnival of Teguise

The Traditional Carnival of Teguise is celebrated on march 10 in the pedestrian zone of the Villa of Teguise at 8:00 pm, with performances by: Los Diabletes (Lanzarote), Los Toros de Tao (Lanzarote), Los Buches (Lanzarote), Parranda Raíces (Lanzarote), Carnaval Tradicional de la Aldea (Gran Canaria), Mataculebra (Tenerife) and Las Pantallas de Xinzo de Lima (Orense).

Saturday, March 11
5:00 pm. "Coso de Carnaval". Avda. Islas Canarias - Costa Teguise.
8:00 pm. "Verbena Carnaval". With Dj Varo, Ni un Pelo de Tonto y Kódigo 10. C.C. Nautical -Avda. Islas Canarias.

Sunay, March 12
10:00 am. Masks workshop at Plaza de los Leones.
11:00 am. Pet Costume Contest "CANnaval Teguise 2017" at Plaza de los Leones.
12:15 pm. Carnival Parade through the "Mercadillo" (flee market) streets, with performances by the Traditional Carnival groups and comparsa Los Cumbacheros from Tahiche.
11:00 am. Family Carnival. Workshop and Costume Constest for children. Concert by Dj Varo, Ni un Pelo de Tonto and Fun Tone Factory. At: Bastian Beach Playground. Costa Teguise.

4. Carnival in Tinajo 2017

The Carnival of Tinajo is celebrated under the allegory "Gods of the Sea" and will take place from 10 to 12 March.

The Grand Coso of the Carnival will be celebrated on Saturday, March 11 at 5:00 pm. and will run along the Avenida de los Volanes with the great parade of floats, murgas, comparsas, mascaritas.


Programa Carnival in Tinajo 2017

Friday, March 10
6:00 pm. Parade, with batucada Guaychara and the show Tapuna "Ancestros de la Polinesia" (Ancestors of Polynesia).
9:00 pm. Carnival Gala with performance by the Local Dance School, comparsa Los Cumbancheros and dancer Daniel de la Rosa.
11:00 pm. "Popular Verbena" with the traditional "Sheet Contest" and performance by orchestras Otra Clave and Atlantis Swing.

Saturday, March 11
6:00 pm. Great Parade with floats, murgas, comparsas, batucadas, mascaritas.... Netxt performances by batucadas Chimbay, Guaychara and Princesa Attenya, then verbena with Otra Clave and Atlantis Swing.

Sunday, March 12
10:30 am. III Carrera de Mascaritas Solidaria. Carnaval de Tinajo 2017 (Solidarity Masks Race) organized by the C.D.B Tizziri-Tinajo with the animation of DJ Angel. Registration at www.tinajo.es

12:30 pm. Day Carnival, with performance of magician, batucada, group Bourbon, Pepe Benavente, group Inexia and tapas for only 1 €. The First Contest for the Best Carnival Hat will take place all day, the hat will have to go according to the theme "Gods of the sea".


5. Fiestas de San Leandro - Teseguite 2017

Teseguite celebrates the Fiestas de San Leandro 2017 along the carnival. Don't miss the activity program for this weekend:

Friday, march 10
7:00 pm. Carnival Dance (Teguise seniors).
11:00 pm. Carnival dance with prize for the best individual, couple and group costume.

Saturday, March 11
6:00 pm. Crafts for adults.
9:00 pm. "III Festival Parranda El Lagar: Memorial Juan Cabrera Lemes".

Sunday, March 12
1:00 pm. Mass in hounour of "San Leandro".
7:00 pm. Theater in charge of the adults of the town with the title "¡Vaya con la vieja!".


6. V Feria del Queso y la Cabra

During this weekend, a popular fair is held in the fishing village of Playa Blanca, in the south of the island where the cheese is the king! Visitors will be able to enjoy all the varieties of cheese that are made on the island, as well as delicious culinary creations with local cheeses, and all done by restaurateurs of the island and always, Excellent Malvasia DO Lanzarote wines.

Have a look at the program:

7. CANCELED! Concert: Ismael Serrano. Guitarra y voz


The singer Ismael Serrano has had to cancel his entire tour in the Canaries, including his concert scheduled for Saturday 11 March at the El Salinero Theater in Lanzarote, because he is hospitalized in Tenerife for a nephritic colic.

On Saturday March 11 Ismael Serrano will visit the island. The singer will be at El Salinero Theater presenting La llamada, his last album, acoustic format him alone with his guitar. At 9:00 pm. Tickets are € 20.


8. International Women's Day at San Bartolomé

San Bartolomé celebrates the International Women's Day (8 March)with a great program. Have a look:


Saturday, March 11


From El Islote we will walk a guide route to the "Monumento al Campesino", there we'll enjoy a dance with performance by Parranda Pal Porrón. Buses from Plaza Santa Elena (Playa Honda) at 4:00 pm, and from Senior Center (San Bartolomé) at 4:15 pm. The return will be at 8:00 pm. Registration required at Casa Cerdeña in San Bartolomé or at 928521200.

Sunday, March 12

Humor Show: "Uniformadas" (Uniformed), at San Bartolomé Municipal Theater at 8:00 pm. Tickets are 5€.




9. Show: Payachesco Clown + Ludoteca. Deiland

Deiland Shoppping Center offers the show of Payachesco Clown + Ludoteca (playground) for kids this sunday, March 12, at 11:30 am.


10. Eclipses in the Solar System. Lanzarote Digital Planetarium.


"Eclipses in the Solar System" will be the next session of the Lanzarote Digital Planetarium, which will take place on March 10 in the planetarium room of the School of Fisheries at 6:15 and 7:30 pm.

The talk will be given live by Raúl Martínez Morales, licensed in Astrophysics, exposed in a simple and enjoyable way, being accessible to everyone, even children (from 7 years old). Interested people can already register for free on Kosmos Lanzarote, places are limited.

11. Classical Orchestra of Lanzarote: Judith Pezoa and String Quartet

The Classical Orchestra of Lanzarote presents its II Cycle of Concerts. This March 11 will be the Concert of the String Quartet and the soprano Judith Pezoa, at 8:30 pm in the Sala José Saramago FCM (La Plazuela); Also there will be the usual Petit Concert at La Plazuela at 12:30 pm (for free).

12. Cleaning campaign of Islote del Francés

"Juntos somos Biosfera", the volunteer program of the "Reserva de la Biosfera, Lanzarote" organizes a campaign to clean the Ilote del Francés" on Saturday 11 March, from 11:00 am. to 3:00 pm.

You can always find these and more events on our CalendarYou can also follow us on Socia Media FacebookInstagram or Twitter. We share the best of Lanzarote.

Have a great Weekend! :) 

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